Predictable Quality /
Quality & aesthetics
Technical Mastery

Quality That is Measured by Smiles Gained and Chairtime Saved

MicroDental is committed to providing dentists with restorations that enhance practice efficiency, save chair time, and delight patients. As a leader in technologies and fabrication techniques, MicroDental offers:

  • Predictable Quality is a function of a collaborative, yet systemized, approach to fabrication. MicroDental Dublin California is proud to be one of the few Certified Dental Labs in the world. The philosophy that earned this certification is evident in every MicroDental lab.
  • Fast Seating Times with minimal adjustments are a result of technical excellence. Collectively, MicroDental proudly features a higher ratio of CDT’s per case than typical dental labs.
  • Lifelike aesthetics can only be created through a command of dental materials, a mastery of techniques, and a collaborative approach to smile design.

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