Because Safety Matters, We Invest in DAMAS Certification for our Dental Labs

At MicroDental patient health and safety are of paramount importance. That’s why MicroDental makes significant investments in programs and policies that promote patient health and safety. It is our goal to consistently create high quality restorations and dental devices, while providing resources such continuing education, great practice support, and exemplary service. In order to exceed patient satisfaction and safety, we proudly ensure the MicroDental Difference – built around Exceptional Service, Predictable Quality, as well as Partnership and Trust.

As recent studies have shown, quality is key when dentists choose labs. We are proud to say that our Dublin California location is a among a small percentage of dental labs who are DAMAS (Dental Appliance Manufacturer Audit System) certified. Not only is it a CDL (Certified Dental Laboratory) and DAMAS certified dental lab, but also their CDTs are vital to the quality and success of the company. DAMAS is the gold standard in the dental laboratory industry for quality management systems, and less than 40 dental labs have achieved this prestige.

In that spirit, the Dublin California location's certification has allowed us to implement high quality standards in our other dental lab locations, carrying over this philosophy for the betterment of not only our business, but your practice and your patients.

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Our Dental Lab Materials Are Meticulously Verified

At MicroDental Dublin California, our flagship location, all our dental lab materials are meticulously verified as part of our rigorous quality assurance system. All dental restoration materials received by us are verified, assessed for damage and carefully recorded in our central database. Any material found to be unsatisfactory is either returned to the supplier or destroyed.

We also inspect all components and finished devices to ensure they conform to our standards and specific technical instructions. Only when our dental lab technicians complete our quality assurance checklist and confirm all dental lab materials meet our requirements, do they release the material for use.

The philosophy that drives our flagship dental lab, also drives us to continually improve the quality of our work in any location.

FDA Cleared Materials for Our Dental Practice Partners

Our MicroDental Dublin California dental lab is committed to conforming with the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Quality System/Good Manufacturing Practices (QS/GMP), and DAMAS specifications. It also employs other quality assurance best practices, such as Six Sigma and ISO, which ensure the safety and quality of our dental restorations.

We recognize that the quality of our dental restorations has a direct impact on patient safety and satisfaction. Our goal is to consistently create high quality restorations and dental devices while providing you with continuing education opportunities, great practice support and exemplary service.

FDA Cleared