Distributed by MicroDental Laboratories

Distributed by MicroDental Laboratories

Rodo Abutment System with Smileloc

Smileloc® by Rodo® provides retention, retrieval and reinsertion without screws or cement.

MicroDental is excited to now offer the Rodo Abutment System as part of our portfolio of implant solutions. Eliminating the need for cement or screws when attaching the restoration to the dental implant, the revolutionary Smileloc® system by Rodo is utilized instead of screws or cement.

This new FDA cleared implant abutment system uses the shape memory material, Nitinol, to create an entirely new attachment between a restoration and a dental implant. Smileloc is currently compatible with Nobel Biocare®, Straumann®, and Neodent® implant systems.


How Smileloc Works

Steps to a successful implant restoration:

1. Insert Rodo® abutment
Compatible with major implant systems.

2. Try-in crown
Check contact, occlusion, color, emergence, profile, and contour.

3. Add Smileloc
Inner Smileloc flaps engage the abutment.

4. Seat the crown
Outer Smileloc flaps engage the inside of the coping and now
the crown is locked onto the abutment. There is no cement
cleanup and no screw access holes to fill.

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